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Pattern Flow Matrix

Learn about the technology Disco developed to make the long-lasting performance blades.

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Disco’s history dates back to May 05, 1937 when Disco Corp. started its business as a manufacturer of abrasive wheels in Japan, with a firm concept that Disco contributes to mankind with high quality products. Thanks to the ceaseless pursuit from our R & D for products that is better than yesterday, Disco has become recognized as one of the world leaders in high-tech industry where diamond tools and precision machines are concerned. As an affiliated company of Disco Corp. Japan, we Disco Diamond Tools have launched our enterprise of production and distribution of diamond tools for the applications for building & construction, masonry area, and stone industry in 1997, enjoying a good reputation of our lines in the U.S. as well as Canada for the quality and reliability. In order to give our valuable customers products of high quality carrying consistency and high performance, all Disco’s production facilities all over the world have been certified to IS0-9001, and ISO-14001, in addition to our production know-how which has been systematically accumulated for 70 years since our mother company Disco Corp. was established. Because we DAA would like to continue to grow with our customers , we put you first as our valuable customer until the time when you are fully satisfied with the products and service we provide.

Pattern Flow Matrix

"Disco has spent two years in the development of the 'Pattern Flow' blade for their bridge saw line. The Shogun Blue series functions well in the mid-to-high HP range (15 to 25 HP) and the the Shogun Yellow series, which is great for low-to-mid range(10 to 15 HP) saw that are currently being offered by Disco. The segment height is a nominal 1 inch - giving the user a long-lasting value."

"To achieve optimum cutting performance in granite and engineered stone, Disco engineers started with an internal and external design in making the segments. Using "Pattern Flow Matrix," the diamonds are in rows throughout the segments. There are approximately 19 rows of diamonds across the face of the segments and the same pattern follows through the segments of blade. To hold the diamonds in place, Disco employed a unique formulation of metal powders. This creates a smooth, fast-cutting blade with enhanced blade life. Disco also uses silent blade cores to soften and to lower the noise levels."

Stone World Magazine

published in December, 2012
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